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Our Story

Mr Butterfield and Ida Johnson in the 1947 production of Show Boat 

Whatever we do is down to the members - a family passionate people held together by the desire to be part of the performing arts. They are supported by a social committee, an elected board of directors. In 2001 we changed our name to Farnworth Performing Arts Company (FPAC) to better reflect the different kinds of theatrical activities we are involved in and our aspirations to develop and grow in the future. 

We have the organisational skills, knowledge and talent to meet the public's appetite for live productions both at the theatre and in the community. To do this we need your help and support in our future ventures - on stage, backstage, front-of-house, for advertising or sponsoring and - most importantly! - as an audience to perform to. We welcome and encourage new members to join the Company in whatever capacity. Everyone has a talent to offer so, please, come and join us!

An Amateur Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3761364 and is a Registered Charity No. 1079099

Farnworth Performing Arts Company (originally Farnworth Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society) was formed in 1930 "to educate the public and develop their appreciation and taste in plays, drama, comedies, operettas, and other dramatic and operatic works". At least, that’s what the original constitution said! That might sound a bit fancy but we’re still going strong with the same spirit and desire to put on an excellent performance, staging an annual musical with occasional concerts for charitable organisations among other productions as well.

Since that first production in 1930 – ‘Miss Hook of Holland’ at the Ritz Theatre, Farnworth – we have performed every year, only taking a break during World War II. Over time we’ve gone from strength-to-strength – for instance, adding a Drama Section in 1999 and forming The Entertainers group in 2001 to perform for those unable to visit theatres. We performed our first pantomime in 2002  

That barely touches the surface of FPAC’s rich history of wide range of superb productions. We feel that FPAC just keeps on getting even better and whatever is coming in the future, we promise you that it’s going to be a fantastic show! Don’t miss out!


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